Simutek Guardian

What Is It?

Remote Support

As a Guardian member you get one free remote support session each month and discounts on any paid remote support.

Health Checkups

Your computer is constantly being guarded against unseen failures and we’re here to help you before disaster strikes!

Password Help

Want to encrypt your computer to keep your information safe but don't want to risk losing your data if you forget your password? Guardian has you covered with secure password resets.

Why Guardian?

We are committed to minimizing the headaches and inconvenience a failing computer can cause.

For a small monthly fee Guardian acts as your IT team, providing remote support and training resources when you need them from the comfort of your own chair. When your computer is protected by Guardian you get advice and support from the same team of Simutek-perts you already know and trust. Guardian ensures your computer is running in tip-top shape with preventative measures for known computer issues like forgotten passwords and malware. Plus, Guardian offers a curated software collection of our favorite apps that help you get even more out of your computer.

And if you need one more reason to subscribe, each month you get exclusive specials to save even more money!

About Us

What Else?

Backup Checks

Never worry if your backups are running or not. With Guardian we'll let you know if your backups have stopped working and help you figure out how to fix things up!

Curated Software and Updates

Look in the Applications folder on your computer for the Guardian Software Center which is full of hand picked apps that we love and auto update for you.

Exclusive Tips, Tricks and Videos

There are always useful surprises hiding in our computers waiting to be discovered and we're here to help you find them. Every month we have a fresh batch of tips articles and videos to help you out.

Exclusive Sales and Specials

Saving money on stuff you already needed?
Access to special inventory items or limited batches of products?
Occasional free swag just because we like you?
Each month we make sure to have something new to help you out.